5 Reasons Why You Should Write Things Down

1. Memory isn’t very reliable

It happened to me so often and I’m sure it happens to everybody. You had a great idea but didn’t write it down. The moment you come home or want to remember that idea – it’s gone.

Your memory isn’t very reliable, especially under stress. For many people this happens for example when they meet new people and can´t remember their names or when you want to buy something specific in the store but get distracted and forget to buy it. I can list many situations where this happens to me and I’m sure you have a lot of stories to tell to.

Writing down your ideas can fix that problem. As soon as you remember something, write it down! When you get a new important information (The 

name of you boss for example), write it down! It makes life so much easier because now you have transferred that information from your mind to something you can rely on.

For writing down things, I use two tools: An App on my Phone and a Notepad. I use the “Google Note App” for quick things to remember, and the “Google Calendar” to remind myself for upcoming events. The physical notepad comes in when I have great new ideas. You can use whatever works best for you, but remember, your mind isn’t the safest place to keep your ideas.

2. You will learn more

I have found that writing down helps me to learn much better. When I listen to a presentation and write down the important things, I listen more attentively and can ask questions after the presentation is over. I have a better sense for the information I get and can look at my notes weeks later to recall them. It is very powerful for your brain, because writing things down engages more of your capacities: You have to listen or read, then write and while writing thinking about it even more.

To learn something, your mind must be exposed to that information over and over again. You automatically achieve that by writing things down. Therefore I highly suggest you to write down new information to learn more and learn faster.

Note: This is especially helpful when you learn new vocabulary. Read the word, say it out loud, then write it down and read it again. Do this two or three times with every new word and you are sure to remember it for a long time.

3. Clarity and Focus

Even though our brain is much more powerful than a regular computer, it`s RAM gets full very fast. The average person can only hold 7 Elements of information (f. ex. Words or numbers) in their short term memory. That isn’t a lot. But when you occupy it with these Elements, it cannot focus on other things. You can’t concentrate properly and lose clarity.

Writing down things increases your clarity and focus, because you have an empty RAM and can use more of your potential. This is one of the most important reasons for writing things down. You will feel much calmer and relaxed.

So before you go to the store, write down a list of things you want to buy and you will be much calmer while shopping, as well as saving some money, because you won’t buy that much unnecessary stuff.

4. Using more of your brainpower

This point is connected to the previous one. When you have a clear mind, you use more of your brainpower. Not having to hold information helps the mind to focus, and only when you focus, you can create extraordinary results in whatever area.


Think of it like this: You have to identical cars racing each other. In the driving seats are identical people with identical driving-skills. The only difference is, the one driver hast to transport 5 people (5 thoughts), constantly talking and distracting the driver, while the other doesn’t. Who will win the race?

Even though they have identical vehicles (brains), the one has less weight (no people) and less distraction and can focus more on the race itself.

I don’t know if this is a good analogy, but hopefully it helps you understand my point.

5. Creating better ideas

For me, this is the most important point and that’s also why it’s the last. When you don’t reject any ideas your mind produces and write them all down, you can be sure there will be good ones. Every time I have a new idea, good or bad, I write it down. That way I tell my brain that it’s ok to produce new ideas and that I happily accept them. When you do this your brain will start producing more and more ideas. You can then review those ideas once a week and decide whether or not you want to follow it.


For this purpose I use my physical notepad because it gives it makes it feel more important for me. Because a good idea can be very important in your life. Often I can combine several average ideas which results in a great one. Try it out and see for yourself the effects of writing them down.


I hope there was some useful information in this article for you. I would be happy to hear your opinion or your ideas on this topic in the comment section below. I´m also happy for all corrections of my language, grammar and vocabulary, since I´m german and don´t speak or write english as my first language. It would really help me to improve my potential 🙂

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